A little bit wild, and most certainly crazy…

And by “wild” and “crazy” I mean that I crochet, bake, quilt, Pinterest (fail) the hell out of my house and generally excel in every possible useless talent. My other hobbies include helicopter parenting my two kids, annoying my husband just enough to keep it interesting, and stalking the Kardashians at regularly scheduled intervals.

With my tendency toward verbal diarrhea, I am highly proficient in embarrassing myself and any poor soul that should be in my exalted company. My shameless addictions are craptastic reality tv, trashy celebrity gossip, you tube make-up tutorials, novels that do nothing to improve your IQ, the tiny dictators that run my life, fashion that I can neither afford nor fit my pudgy self into, and bacon.

Oh yeah, I am not afraid to let my freak flag fly.


Nicole works full time, parents evenings and weekends, blogs when she feels like it, and,
more often than not, photoshops the ever-loving-crap out of herself in pictures.
To tell her how wonderfully amusing she is, email Nicole at shallowmommy@yahoo.com. Hate
mail can be sent to youareadouche@thisisntarealaddress.com

Me in all my photo-shopped glory

Me in all my airbrushed glory

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2 responses to “about

  1. Omg I found another me (close enough)! I am so excited, entertained, gung ho, hell yea about this about section it’s not even funny and believe me I am pretty funny on a regular basis. I quite look forward to you in my feed 🙂

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